In order to provide health services for your child/children here at Rock Lake Elementary, we need you to do the following;

  • Fill out an Emergency Contact Form at the beginning of each year. This information will inform Faculty and Staff, as well as the clinic on your child/children medical history, such as, Asthma and or Allergies (to food or others).
  • Parents also if your son or daughter has food allergies you must have this in writing by a doctor/physician for the cafeteria manager not to give him/her that particular type of food or drink.
  • You must see the school health assistant to fill out the proper Orange County medication authorization forms if the child needs to be administered medication during the school day. 

Thank you and if you have any questions or concerns, contact me by the information below.

Davena Thelusma

Health Assistant

(407) 245-1880 ext. 2234

(407) 245-1885 Fax