The Rock Lake Art Program Rocks!

Art classes at Rock Lake are built upon a sequential program based on the Sunshine State Standards for the Visual Arts.  Students learn about artist and the techniques used.  They are given vocabulary so that they can discuss artwork and then create their own original creations.  Various media is used in class, ranging from crayons to oil pastels, water color to tempera paint, and collage to sculpture. 

An Opportunity to Shine!

Students at Rock Lake Elementary are given many outlets to exhibit their work.  We have participated in the Global Peace Art Exhibit at City Hall, the Maitland Art Festival, Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival and the Student Art Exhibit at the ELC.  Our students have had the opportunity to participate in many contests as well, with their artwork displayed throughout the county. 

Art Club

In addition to regular art classes, students are invited to join the Art Club.  Using knowledge learned in class, students work on individual interest projects as well as school projects.  

Ms. Pisculli will display artwork from our students around campus.